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Those 5 Attractive facts for beginner Website Designer in 2019

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

As now a time people has attention span less than 10 seconds. It's means if you can not attract you visitor or client within 10 seconds, you lose your visitor before making them understand about you. So from here attractive website starts working their role.

Not only your website need be with content but functional too. Customers are in very fast online era so even in 1 seconds you can gain or lose your client. So a slow website make lose.

Ways to Attractive Website

Responsive- A visitor whether visit at your website by using mobile, PC, tablet in all cases your website should be proper responsive with content and information. A proper responsive website not only gives facility of to be accessed at one type of system but it makes website compatible to different types of devices also.

User Friendly- There is no need much complication at your website. Things should be proper and clear so that a user could not confused for the ahead process. It should be user friendly and understandable to user that what them need to do.

Well Content Structure - We surf many website to fulfill our specific need and from those some are with unique and different from others due to their structure of content. So there attracting us because of its content structure. Content in website should be point to point and understandable. Linking the structure with one other in such a way that it should be meaningful.

Quick Load Times- Whether anyone has time or not but when they come at internet they don't want delay for a second and if you website loading time is slow whether you have design the wonderful website you will to be able to attract to visitor. Internet is world where everyone expect to do things faster. So your website loading time should be fast.

Color Combination - You open something and due to it much light color you close your eyes, oh no it is so bad. Hey if your website is also with like same so what do you think?? You color combination should be in such a way that neither much brighter nor dim. So that people who want to surf you website could do it.

Colors choose wisely whether of your background or your text color.

Social Media Button- You can link you social media to your website. This link will send your visitor directly to that account. These buttons makes users more trust in you.

Contact and Review- Suppose you purchase ice-cream from a parlor and after making full taste of it you get option to tell about your review. Then you will feel more happy about this feature. Same thing happen when someone comes at your website. If they get the the review and contact us option they can give their valuable feedback.

These are some things that you should keep in mind if you are making website by you own.

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