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What common things should Digital marketer know about Facebook Advertising

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Since the inception of Facebook a lot of changes happened in its. Due to make it attracting a lot user it is kept updated with its features by time-to-time. At the its initial stage Facebook was used to make friend but now a days it is widely used whether selling and purchasing products, helpful in getting jobs, making products or services advertisement and many more.

Mostly businesses takes the advantage of Advertisement feature of it, to grow their business. Since in an average at least 1 hour on daily basis user spend their time at it and Facebook has approx 2.41 billion monthly active users so advertising through this platform means accessing lot of market.

But the question is how to advertise on Facebook and what the things we require?

So here just going to tell you how you can make your own ads on Facebook-

1. Create a Facebook Page

2. Add photo and short description

3. Create username of you page

4. Add a page call-to-action (CTA)

Note: You should have a Facebook profile to follow below steps

Deciding to make Fb page for your business is the one of the your right decision. In fact, you are joining approx 70 million business worldwide who already market via Facebook.

Create a Facebook Page

This is the first and important step for making your business advertising by Facebook i.e. creating Fb page. Facebook Pages are equivalent to business profile, as a personal profile Fb pages are also public but show information related to business or organization.

While creating make sure that it is not personal profile rather than business and give detail of business otherwise increase the risk of getting shut up by Facebook.

At the time of creating page you will have to give business name and need to select business category.

Add Photos and Short Description

After giving the name to your page your next step is to select the profile picture and cover photo for your page. Here you can skip adding photo but it is recommended to add these things. And make sure that while choosing the photos take it wisely to add because it is first impression of your page. After adding photos you will need to give little description that will appear on your page and at search result.

Create a Username for your page

Create a username for your page so that people could easily find & remember your page. Your username will show in your custom Facebook URL. And you have only 50 character to give the username that should be unique.

Add a Page CTA

The most unique feature that fb give is call-to-action(CTA) button at the top of the page.

you can create "+ Add a Button" below your cover photo, you can select from options depending upon the services.

Here you will be need to lead your CTA such as your homepage, Landing page or video.

Here you have almost done and now after creating and adding details at your page now you will need to get more people to be engage at your page so Invite to your friends for like your page.

Now your next step will be how to run campaign by Facebook

You have already created a Facebook page, now you run a campaign of your products or services to go live on your targeted customer. To run campaign you will need to go in menu and click on Create Ad. A new window will open for the setting your campaign.

Here will be 3 Category for choosing your Campaign objective i.e. Awareness, Consideration, Conversion

These 3 Categories also divided in sub categories


Brand Awareness- It will make awareness of your brand to targeting people who are more interested in.

Reach- It will be seen by maximum number of people.


Traffic- This is used to generator traffic for your website

Engagement- It is used for the more pages likes and post engagements. App installs- Through this you promote your application to be installed. Video views- You can increase Video view of your already made video. Lead generation- This is which, that used for increasing sales by get in touch with interested one. Messages- People send message at your business by using this.


Conversions- Conversion is used to take action at the website and apps etc.

Catalog sales- It shows the items from your catalog to targeted audience

Store traffic- It is used to show ads to your nearby people to get physically visit at your shop.

As per your need after select form options Let you select Lead Generation-

Then your next step will to fill Ad account that will by default will be your country, currency and Time zone.

In next step of Ad Set you will set up Page, Dynamic Creative, Audience, Placement and Budget & Schedule

and by setting campaign you can target your audience who are really interested in your product or services and can get the details of those audience to make your conversation ahead.

Hope it will be helpful for you to run campaign of your business by you own.



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